The Quotidian Diary

It’s Day 5 of March Madness (my month-long challenge to try something new or scary every day), and this is getting harder as I go along. I made contact with a psychic and am waiting for a call back. (Which got me thinking — if she’s psychic, wouldn’t she know to call me first?) Also looked into Double Dutch classes (kids only), paddle board lessons (out of season), even skydiving (no, thanks).

But there’s always my good ol’ standby, running. One of my goals was to find a new path or route I’ve never run before and try it out. I searched online for running paths in the Twin Cities, but the typical ones kept coming up — the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes, Mississippi River, Summit Avenue — all of which I run regularly. And the other recommendations were out in the woods, where I didn’t feel comfortable running…

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