Fieldwork in Stilettos

If you watch House of Cards, you’ll understand.  And if you live with your parents, you’ll definitely understand.  If you do both (watch House of Cards AND live with your parents) well, God help you.  It’s enough to make you want to stab yourself in the eye with a fork.

To my mother’s credit, I would have never discovered House of Cards if not for her recommendation.  Nor Downton Abbey, nor Glee, nor Drop Dead Diva but the niceties stop here.

My parents, you see, don’t get how to watch House of Cards.  Netflix dropped the entire second season at one for a reason: you’re supposed to WATCH IT.

In anticipation of the drop, I re-watched the entire first season over the summer.  I missed a lot the first time around—I always miss a lot when it comes to political thrillers, or historical dramas, or anything beyond…

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