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Since we’re a little late and the song’s so good today, let’s get right to 100 word song. My great friend and sometimes writing life partner, Tar Rah aka @Tara_R from the brilliant has been with 100 word song from the start. She’s even filled in for me and Leeroy when we had things and couldn’t post for the week. She chose The Black Keys’ Lonely Boy for the tune this time. It’s so open, y’all should do great things with it. Go see her and thank her.

For my 100, we go back to Silas and Olive as they get deeper into trouble on the run in 1989 Florida.

Last time:


Silas turned off the shower, opened the door and looked around the bathroom for a towel. He heard Olive laughing in the next room and Bart talking into a cordless phone while pacing the hall. Realizing…

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