James Rayneau

It’s often the bugbear of the media that violent and sexual imagery, real or simulated, have attendant correlations in real-world behavior. In fact, it’s been a general trend among right-wing publications to blame our escalating crime levels on the widespread prevalence of video games and pornography. Those publications seem to shake their heads and say, “O brave new world, that has such people in’t!”. After all, showing sex and death in graphic detail must have an effect on the people that view it, right? Evil begets evil.
Wrong. Dead wrong, as it happens. What follows is a “semi-scholarly” attempt to meta-analyse the subject. Rather that present you with a lengthy, boring article on the subject, I’ll break things up into chapters so you can, if you wish, refer back to them at will and come to your own conclusions.
The Western World Is Experiencing Escalating Crime Levels
Hardly. Crime in…

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