The Cutter Rambles

As I’ve mentioned before, my daughter has developed a bit of a unique fashion sense. She’s apparently decided that EVERY outfit requires a tutu to go with it. Sometimes the tutus do indeed add a nice flourish to the outfit. And other times…not so much.

The perfect compliment to any outfit? (Image source) The perfect complement to any outfit? (Image source)

In hope of getting her dressed in a semi-efficient manner and avoiding an argument in the morning hours, I usually allow her to wear whatever she picks out. I’ll sometimes HEAVILY encourage her to go in a different direction (I’ve had mixed results with this), but I won’t fight it too much.

Mrs. Cutter is not as agreeable.

Yesterday, the Cutlet dressed herself in the outfit that we had picked out the night before: A polka dot shirt that had a built-in skirt at the bottom. The problem came when the Cutlet decided that…

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