Perceptive Pot Clueless Kettle

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Jeff’s breathing came faster as he heard Jessica’s slow methodical steps coming up the metal staircase, click . . . click . . .click.  He tried to twist his arms out of the restraints that held him to the chair, but they were too tight.  Click . . . click . . . click.  She’s now coming down the hallway.  The sound reminded him of the metronome on top of the piano of his music teacher’s home when he was a little boy.  The rhythmic ticking that was supposed to help keep a student in time while playing a piece of ancient music.  Click . . . click . . . click.

The door opened with a groan that was reminiscent of an old-time horror movie.  Jeff could feel his heart in his throat as he spied Jessica come through the entrance.  Her lab coat…

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