Perceptive Pot Clueless Kettle

Horse-coach jerusalem by Ekaterina Bourindin Horse Coach by Ekaterina Bourindin

Kate hugged Romeo around the neck as they stood under the shade of the lean to.  Romeo’s eyes were half closed, his ears twisted back in non interest, and his lower lip drooping with a nap that was beginning to overtake him.  The warm, offshore breeze felt good, but the arthritis in his joints zapped the strength it took to be interested.  He could feel additional warmth emanating from the sun kissed sand so he shifted a bit to bring his body closer to direct sunlight.

Kate unwrapped the lead rope from around the hitching post and clicked her tongue for Romeo to follow her.  She hoped that spending some time lightly exercising in the surf would help Romeo’s condition and provide him some much needed relief.  She slowly lead him down the beach, letting him determine the speed and path they went.  In the…

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