James Rayneau

“Guns will make us powerful- butter will only make us fat.”
-Feldmarshall Herman Goering, 1936

I’m a paradox and I know it. On the one hand I eat plenty of bran and exercise five times a week. On the other I eat nearly everything under the sun, smoke like a (very small) chimney and drink at the drop of a hat. I never get tired of people pointing out that my lifestyle is unhealthy. And it is.

It’s an expression of a unique philosophy I’m developing called the “Good-Looking Corpse Routine”, which doesn’t really need explaining. The way I see it, we are all going to die sooner or later and, in relative terms, the sooner the better. Better to get that carbon and nitrogen back into the soil for the next generation. Perhaps it’s a conceit of being young and fit, but to me advanced old age and decrepitude…

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