An Island in Theoryspace

As you might have guessed from posts like this one, I am a huge fan of the technique of using a fictional story to get across an idea or a concept. The following are links to some of my favourite examples of this underrated art form, more or less in order of preference.

1. Scott Aaronson, On Self-Delusion and Bounded Rationality. Clearly inspired by the classic sci-fi story “Flowers for Algernon“, Aaronson’s own fable is a meditation on what it means to be rational.

2. Nick Bostrom, The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant. I’ve mentioned Bostrom before, but I was unaware of his storytelling powers until I came across this gem. Here, he weaves a story that cleverly gets the reader on his side, before drawing back the curtain to show us what was really at stake the whole time.

3. Eliezer Yudkowski, Zombies: The…

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