The Marmot in My Head

When life puts a layer of the fluffiest powder ever on top of an equally large layer of near slush, trails of all kinds disappear. Some will re-emerge from hibernation coated in a layer of fresh mud. Others, mostly those near my home, leave for a day or two and come back refreshed. However, I can’t wait for those two days to pass.

Walking on a trail covered in fresh untracked snow is an adventure, not unlike climbing Mount Everest although much more like walking through the mall. Just like the mall, the trip requires careful planning. In dry times, is it spiked with dog poop? Better avoid that section. Is that a ditch or just a low spot in the snow? Caution!

Of course, when you “know” where the trail goes, you can be certain to not stumble upon a barbed wire fence … at least not more than…

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