Beaus and Bows

Hey there, bow friends!

If you were around last Valentine’s, you’ll know my views on the day.  I feel like if you waste the day being sad about not having a significant other, you’re missing out on all the love you could be sharing with your friends and family.  You should go pamper yourself or have dinner with friends or see a movie with family.  Love is love.  Share your time and attention with others and you are bound to have a good day.  Speaking of sharing, I’ve got something special for you.

giveaway alert

Valentine’s day is 2 weeks away and I thought I’d hit you with another giveaway to help prepare you.  This isn’t just a giveaway in honor of Valentine’s day, but also to celebrate the fact that B&B has reached 5,000 followers and that we now have a Facebook page!  So we have a lot of…

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