The Marmot in My Head

When walking across prairies or through woods you may wish to know whether a coyote is walking with you. You may wish to know many more things, but, surely this is one of them. In fact, research shows that 22% of all top 1000 things-to-know lists include nearby coyote spotting.* Fact. Without further adoadieu babbling, here are the 5 signs of a coyote walking with you:

  1. when the old tracks go to the culvert and the new ones go from the culvert and end up right near that dense tree, over there;
  2. when dogs, from a modest distance look towards you, but off to the side a bit, at the dense tree, over there;
  3. when geese, planted on the snow, also look not at you but to one side … dense tree, etc.;
  4. when, at your sudden noise, a yipping cough dislodges snow and reveals a coyote snout, likely…

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