Wonder Sonder

If recent international focus on Bangladesh is any indication of emerging trends, Dhaka is on the rise as a must-watch global city. While we aim to recover from the last two months of the hated “H” word, Bangladesh continues to be heralded as part of the G26, with a booming economy that did not so much as falter whilst the rest of the world weathered the brunt of the financial crisis.

Hence, it is truly easy to see why this city, which was an undistinguished district headquarter at the time of Partition from India in 1947, is rising in significance. Today, Dhaka boasts a population of over 20 million. Unfortunately, while many of the city’s residents live in abject poverty, the other part doesn’t always seem to visibly care, using humans as pawns in daily street clashes. Corruption is the war of the streets, and hence the reality of living in Dhaka can…

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