Wonder Sonder

Libraries are an incredible center of learning. The dignity which comes with evoking knowledge is in the references which are evoked, and in this regard, the Sterling Library at Yale University, one of the most elaborate buildings on the college campus, is an exceptional take on stained glass. The some 3,000 hand-decorated windows in the library evokes strong images of the university’s interactions with the town of New Haven.

DSC_4613Whether the glass paintings depict history or literature, characters from the play MacBeth, or even small insects, the truly haunting and Gothic building lures all travelers and tourists in. The building was bequeathed by New York attorney John W. Sterling, a graduate from Yale in 1864. Upon his death in 1918, Mr. Sterling left most of his estate to Yale University, to “create one magnificent and useful building which would act as a memorial of his affection for his alma mater,”…

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