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The kids are out of school for a second straight day, black ice greets adults having to go back to work, and those who don’t live in or around this southern Metropolis of 28 counties sprawled over an area the size of Massachusetts are watching the aftermath on their televisions saying the same thing; Oh Atlanta.

atlanta traffic jamatlantapeople


I was born in Piedmont Hospital, a six minute drive from downtown Atlanta. I grew up in the suburbs of Lawrenceville, Snellville, and Grayson, all medium size towns about 35 miles from the city. I live in Sugar Hill, which is the same distance. Atlanta is mine. I’m proud of this. But like many of you watching and reading about the mess my hometown is in after 3 inches of snow fell in the middle of the day, Tuesday, snarling traffic and forcing people to abandon their cars or sleep in them in teen degree temperatures while others…

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